I left my job at the worst time possible

One week ago I gave my job the "two-week notice" to follow my dream of building an online blog which I'm doing right now and be able to have more control of my time and follow all my dreams or at least try to πŸ˜…

I left my job at the worst time possible
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One week ago I gave my job the "two-week notice" to follow my dream of building an online blog which I'm doing right now and be able to have more control of my time and follow all my dreams or at least try to πŸ˜….

But being honest not everything is as beautiful as it sounds, I still have to pay expensive rent, buy food, groceries, gas, and everything you basically need to live a decent life and I haven't yet mentioned that I left my job without even having any other source of income at the time being.

How it all started

In November of 2022 I was working for one of the biggest and most important banking companies in the United States but for some reason, I was feeling stuck even though I was working with amazing people and the job allowed me to do so many things on my free time but I wasn't feeling like I was going forward, not anymore.

So I decided to move to another job with greater challenges and a new air but too soon I realized I was feeling the same and it was not about the job or the challenges it was all about me, my heart was craving to do what it desired the most to take a leap of faith and start working on my blog, my youtube channel and some other things that I'm still defining.

Therefore I decided to talk with my boss and explain to him the reason why I was leaving even though he and some other co-workers told me that it was risky knowing that there have been a massive amount of layoffs around the tech world I was sure about what I was doing so we started the offboarding process.

My partner in crime

To be completely honest it was not an easy decision to take as I was continuously fearing that whenever I quit my job I would soon enough run short on money paying rent and everything I listed above. But then my soulmate, my light, my love, my fiance was there pushing me forward to pursue my dreams, she told me it was not something easy but that she was sure that I would be able to achieve it and that she desired to see me doing something that I loved even though these companies paid really well.

But what was holding me back was the thought of me taking away that financial security from her and taking her to unknown lands was something that I didn't want her to go through but then she told me that she would go with me through everything it was necessary to see me happy and that she was sure that like I did before I would find a way to be financially stable at the same time that I'll be doing what I love, at that moment I was crying of happiness because I knew she would be that support that I would need in my life, my partner in crime. Then my heart got filled with determination and excitement for what I was about to start I felt like I had all the support that I need aside from God's help who I know will always be with me.

What am I going to do now

Now that I don't have a secure financial income but at the same time, I owe all my time I'll be mainly writing on my blog which I've found has helped me feel so relaxed and happy. I will continue to do web dev-related tutorials mainly with C# and blazor but also I will start soon with the core web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Also, I will start to upload content on my youtube channel as I was working before I was not taking it seriously but now I'll try to upload 2 videos every week oh and I will start a newsletter so if you feel like you can get something interesting out of it please subscribe whenever it's ready.

Maybe I will resume my music studies again or I can take a course on math as it is something I've been looking forward to doing since some years ago.

Do I have a plan "B"?

Well yeah, it's not like I'm crazy and that I jumped off the board without an alternative plan. As I told you I still don't have any extra or secure income or another job as my fiance and I decided that after my last 2 weeks on my job, I will take a month to be only writing and creating content on all my platforms and after that, I'll be looking for part-time jobs or side hustles on Fiverr or Upwork delivering software solutions to persons or companies also I have thought in the possibility on having 1 on 1 teaching sessions or be a software engineering consultor. I feel confident that I will find something to have some bread on my table.

This is an unwritten story

I still can't tell you that this will have a happy ending or so, this is just the beginning of my new life and I will work non-stop until I reach the goal of having a programming community helping other people to learn, grow and even getting their first jobs all this while having fun and building really cool web projects, yeah that's my dream I don't dream with having Lamborghinis or to own a mansion on the beach I desire to teach people how to code and to encourage them to pursue their dreams even they are non-code related I really desire that all people can do once in their life what fulfill their heart.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for your time, for stopping by and giving me the chance to encourage you with my story if you would like to help me on this journey please consider subscribing to my blog for free there's no need to subscribe for the $5 monthly version only if you desired so. You can find me there writing every week or on my youtube channel UnitCoding.

Thanks and I will see you soon in my next post!